Friday, June 25, 2010

Kaden and ND Football Camp

Wow oh Wow what an awesome experience for Kaden and Mom, Dad and Aunt Karie!! This 3 day camp was packed with everything a kid that loves football would want and everything a true Notre Dame Football fan only dreams of!

The camp was made up of 3 days from 8-Noon of skill and training that was lead by ND Football players and coaches. The camp was kicked off my Coach Brian Kelly talking to the kids and then the great Brady Quinn giving a little speech. I remember him telling the kids " school work, home work comes first if you want to get into Notre Dame you have to have the grades. It doesn't matter how much talent you have the grades come first" That was so encouraging to hear him say that and I am hoping that sunk in and Kaden will remember this!

This first day at camp towards the end it got really cold and you could see a storm rolling in. They took the kids and parents into the Stepan Center to get out of the rain and approaching storm. This provided a really awesome opportunity. The Notre Dame Football players started playing basketball with the kids, signing autographs and posing for pictures! What a great way to end the first day at camp!

We returned to camp on Day 2 and this was the day of the Stadium Tour! Yes I said Stadium Tour which meant you get to go into the ND Locker room, You get to touch the sign, You get to walk the same walk as all the great ND Football players have walked! Now for a kid I am sure this was amazing but for a parent who is a huge ND fan well lets just say I was in Awe!! It was AMAZING! To think of the pep talks that were shared in that locker room to think of the Rally to Victory Speech's that were made what a wonderful feeling it was to be standing in that Locker Room! And then to touch the Sign!!
Play Like A Champion Today

On to the 3rd and final day. Well as we arrived it was raining so we knew that they would still have camp it would just be indoors. We were directed to The Loftus Sports Center. Wow I really thought that the camp had seen its highlight the day before when we got to do the stadium tour but wow this place was awesome!!
It was a huge indoors field, state of the art weight room, huge video theater room for watching films with big comfy chairs that we got to sit in. One little boy raised his had and said " you mean ND Football players have sat in these chairs" It was too funny it was like he didn't even realize that ND Football players were who was training him all week!
Kaden Catching a Pass From Kyle Rudolph

Kaden working on Some D with Manti Teo

Working on some QB skills with ND QB Dayne Crist

All in All I think this was a Wonderful Camp put on by the Campus of Notre Dame! I know that we will continue to go back and Kaden is looking forward to the camp when he gets to actually stay in the dorms for a few days! I am not so sure I am looking forward to that because that just means he is growing up entirely too fast!

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